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ASTU is Proud to be an Affiliate of the American Combat Sports League!   The ACSL hosts Sport Kickboxing Tournaments that are Semi-Contact Fighting.  It is designed to be safer than Full-Contact Amateur Kickboxing.  In general, combatants are allowed to punch the body and the head, kick the legs, body, and head and, in Muay Thai advanced divisions, knee the body with limited clinch and limited holds.

Matches are performed on a matted area, not in a ring or cage.  Heavy Gloves are worn along with more protective shin-and-instep and head gear.  Fights are hard sparring matches that are designed to test the skill level each fighter and allow each to go back to work on Monday.

The ACSL Hosts 3 Styles of Kickboxing:  American Style (no kicks below waist), International Style (leg kicks allowed) and Muay Thai style (limited clinch, knees to body and limited holds allowed).  

They offer Both Novice & Advance Divisions for Youth (11 & under) & Juvenile (12 & 13yrs old) at 35% contact Levels, as well as Novice & Advance divisions for Teens & Adults, at 60% Contact for Novice and 75% Contact level for Advance Competitors!  

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