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About ASTU...

Thank you for visiting the American Sport TaeKwonDo Union website!  

Our mission, as an union-structured organization, is to foster the teaching and art of traditional TaeKwon-Do in the United States, as handed down by our founder General Choi, Hong Hi. 

In 1990 Grand master Ronald Ross started training in Traditional Chang Hon TaeKwonDo, under GM Collars, in the formerly known United States TaeKwonDo Alliance/International TaeKwonDo Alliance.  The USTA/ITA had split from the ITF organization in the early 1980s.  

As GM Ross progressed in TKD to the rank of Master Black Belt, he left the USTA/ITA and found  himself moving from one organization to another but never finding an organization that he felt united the TKD practitioners and instructors and therefore lead to the development of the ASTU, which stands to unite ALL TKD practitioners. 

It is adherence to the roots of Traditional TKD that has kept the ASTU strong throughout times of both growth and turbulence.  Our Objective is to provide a solid foundation and support system for our members, in the form of teaching, access to national resources, and a strong united community of TaeKwonDo.

We welcome the input and feedback of our members as we continually grow and adapt to the changing face of our times.   

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly.